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Consortium Gifts have a wide category of products to select from, such as Consumables, Eatables, Home and Kitchenware, Divine Collection and Much More. Call us now +91-9650023803 for a unique range of Diwali Corporate Gifts Online.

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Strengthen your business relationships with our classic Diwali products. The personalized corporate gifts go a long way to show your professional contacts that you value their association and appreciate your brand/business commitment.


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When it comes to special occasions and festivals, one has to take the aspect of Corporate Gifts for Employees to do justice to their corporate relations. At Consortium Gifts, we have made a wide extending assortment of corporate gifts. From being a household name when it comes to celebrations to being the epitome of India's gifting culture, Consortium Gifts have been related to your happiness. We understand that corporate gifting is one way to get your business associates and your employees to learn more about you. With the perfect gifts customized to entice your acquaintances, you can be assured that your very expression of providing gifts shall bear you fruitful prospects, prosperity, and success. Our fantastic Diwali gifts will give employees a glimpse of your caring nature and let them connect to you personally. You can order the corporate Diwali gifts in bulk quantity, and we'll make sure swift and hassle-free delivery on time. We also offer customized corporate Diwali gifts that will truly stand out. Click on the link to know more about us >> Read More


Consortium Gifts is an integrated gifting and promotional products company aiming to redefine corporate gifting in India. Founded by Gaurav Bhagat in 1999, it has become a quality player in a largely fragmented market. The company's motto of Quality, Innovation, and service ensure that no customer is left unsatisfied. Sometimes things can go wrong due to factors beyond our control, but you can rest assured we will fix it. We offer some of the finest products & brands available in the world today. With exclusive arrangements with Puma, Shantanu Nikhil, Swarovski, Brand Charger, and Boardroom, to name a few, you are assured of only the finest offerings. Our portfolio's other products include customized gifts that have been very selectively picked from some of the best and most efficient factories in India and around the World. 

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